Thursday, September 03, 2015

Windows 95

As my followers know, I write a blog when I suddenly think that a subject interests me – and I hope you as well.
            So, during, or in between paintings, I switch on my Windows 95 (floppy 3 ½” disk) and write about my thoughts.
            Then, after several checkings, it is printed out. More alterations and checkings ensue. Finally, Margreet corrects the hard copy (she is wonderful at making suggestions and finding typographical errors).
            The next move is for me to transfer the material from my computer to a 3 ½” floppy disk. Each piece is held back in the floppy until we decide to release it. Then the disk is placed in a slotted gadget that connects with her more modern but difficult Windows 7 to be released into the ether.
            Well, her Windows was coming to the end of its days and needed to be replaced.
            I had just sold a couple of paintings so offered her a replacement as a birthday present.
            The process of choosing a new computer took a month or two. Confusing and conflicting advice and opinions were taken from every quarter. Prices were compared, as were countless other considerations.
            Finally, already owning an Apple iPad and iPhone, she settled on an Apple Mac Book Pro.
            We bought it at the John Lewis department store, whose excellent expert came (at a thoroughly worthwhile price) to transfer data from Windows to Apple and to  install and discuss the new system.
            The result was to Margreet’s great satisfaction. She had chosen correctly.
            But with a new computer there are inevitably lots of troubles and queries. The operators at John Lewis’s helpline initially did not help, but did later. And a word or two by telephone with their installer solved more outstanding difficulties.
            In case my floppy disk would not work with the new electronic device, we  “broadcast” all my old computer’s reserve blogs before the changeover.
            Not even the Apple expert knew if Windows 3 ½” floppy disks, with their attachment gadget, would work with Apple Mac. But they did.
            People may laugh, but my Windows 95 was made to last, bless it. And as Margreet gets to know her Apple Mac, we are returning to our computer normality of a marriage between ancient and modern technology.

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