Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I have just heard from an author in Ireland, asking if I knew of anyone from the days of the Raj who might know of the recipe for Kedgeree. My mother was such a person and kedgeree was a breakfast staple in our house in the country. When my grandfather was knighted by King Edward V11, he sent my mother out to India where his other daughter (my aunt) was married to an army officer. One of my mother’s names was Hyacinth. She must have been a pretty lively person as she was known as “The Hilarious Hyacinth of Hydrabad Sind”. As for the recipe for Kedgeree, it was as near to the following as makes no matter.


You will need:
Rice (that’s not sticky)
Smoked haddock (cooked for a short time in milk)
Pepper and salt

Boil the rice (it can have a little turmeric added for colour if wanted) and drain it well.
To it add flaked smoked haddock, chopped hard-boiled eggs, pepper, salt and plenty of butter. 
Stir and serve.