Friday, June 12, 2015

A Dream Word

I’m sure that I have written on dreams and why I dismiss them immediately as being fiction and nothing of consequence. Forget them. Waking is a pleasure.
Then there is the matter of small problems becoming major ones in one’s dreams and night-time thoughts. Forget them. Waking is a relief.
My dreams often make me run things, usually way beyond my natural abilities - which is stressful. There again, forget the dream. It is a pleasure to get rid of them on waking and return to a simpler life.
But I have occasionally made a point of remembering a funny dream to tell and laugh about.
And a recent dream was interesting enough to remember. In it I was reading the headline of an obituary concerning a foreign lady (I think American) who had been living in England. It was such a simple line, and said it all so succinctly.
How could that description be bettered with more words? “Outlived by her charitable work”. How nice.
But who wrote that obituary headline? I was full of admiration for the anonymous scribe.
And yet… It was my dream.