Monday, September 17, 2012

Sardines on Toast

In my childhood this dish was a regular favourite. The joke was that because of its propensity to slide off the plate, we suspected that it had been on the floor at least once before reaching the table.
When I remembered this first or second course from the past and made it for Margreet one evening, she said that she could eat it on every night of the week.


You will need:
One can of sardines for two people
Its oil
Pepper and salt

Make a slice of toast for each person and then cut off and discard the crusts.
Empty the can of sardines with its oil into a frying pan.
Slice delicately through the backs of the fish to divide each in half, placing them with the skin side down. Don’t worry if they break up a bit.
Add a little vinegar to the oil and mix it in.
Fry the sardine sides slowly until they just begin to crispen.
With a spatula lay the fish on the toast and pour over just a little of the oil/vinegar mixture from the pan.
Salt them and mill over some pepper.
Serve (being careful not to let them slip to the floor).