Sunday, March 03, 2013

Simple Salmon

We seldom cook fish in our house, saving it as a treat when eating out. But when I found a couple of raw salmon steaks in our refrigerator after Margreet’s week of cooking, the task (or pleasure) was mine.

As I had heard many times that a whole salmon should be covered with cold, salty and spiced water, to be brought to the boil and then left to get cold, I did the same.
The cooked steaks needed patting dry with kitchen paper when extracted from the water. Then it was a simple matter of making a mayonnaise and boiling some potatoes.


You will need:
Salmon steaks (one per person)
Spices of your choice
Mayonnaise (made of egg yolk, Dijon mustard, salt, oil, and a little lemon juice)

Cook the salmon steaks in the way aforementioned.
Make a mayonnaise by putting an egg yolk into a bowl and adding half its volume of Dijon mustard and a little salt. Stir in oil – either olive, rapeseed, groundnut or other, or mixture, until the consistency of mayonnaise has been obtained. I use mostly olive oil. Do not worry about the temperature of the ingredients. An added few drops of lemon juice is an improvement.
Boil some potatoes (20 minutes).
Serve the cold mayonnaise-coated salmon with hot potatoes.
It is as simple and delicious as that.