Monday, January 02, 2017

A sort of Bubble and Squeak

Now it so happens that my wife, Margreet, had never cooked when I met her. Being in the Dutch Foreign Service, other people had done it for her. So that was one of the many reasons why I married her. I could do it all. But on her retirement she expressed the desire to cook. So we decided to be the chef on alternate weeks. I was willing to be surprised. And I was – with her imagination in the kitchen. Among other excellent productions (sometimes with a Dutch slant), she produced something that might be “my kind of cooking” in serving the simplest of dishes - cold duck breast with this lovely hot bubble and squeak (hot and cold on the plate is so often a delight).


You will need:
Mashed potato

When mashing the potatoes with the usual butter, milk, pepper and salt, add plenty of chopped coriander leaves. That’s it.