Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mushrooms and Onions

My very simple recipe for Sardines and Onions is one of the most popular on the web site/blog. Here is another like recipe that takes very little time to prepare and can be concocted well before being wanted at the table.


You will need:
Olive oil
Small button mushrooms
Pepper and salt
Granular mustard
A fresh herb

Cut up an onion finely and, in a frying pan, cook the pieces in plenty of olive oil until they reach the state of softness and transparency.
            Add lots of small button mushrooms, and turn them over in the pan until the mushrooms are completely covered in the oil.
            Add pepper, salt, a splash of vinegar, and a good dollop of granular mustard. Stir it all together. Tip the mixture into a serving dish. When cold, drizzle some olive oil over all.
Before serving, garnish with some chopped fresh herb – like parsley, mint, lovage, or thyme leaves.
Crusty bread at the table to sop up any juices will be appreciated.
Keep this dish simple to start with, then, if you tire of it, use your imagination to make a change by adding spices, like curry powder or chilli.