Thursday, January 01, 2009

Recipe: Beef and Brussels' sprout stew

I was making a winter beef stew and found some Brussels’ sprouts in the vegetable part of my refrigerator. They were there for no particular reason. So I used them in my stew. Now, Brussels’ sprouts are a vegetable that you either like or loathe. In this dish, those who like them will love them cooked this way, and those who don’t, will, I think, come around to liking them. But be warned. They hold in the heat in a strange way, so a burn in the mouth is possible when biting into one.


You will need:
Beef (shin, chuck or other)
Oil or fat of your choice
Pepper and salt
Brussels’ sprouts

In an iron casserole make a stew in the normal way by frying chopped onions and garlic in oil, or fat of your choice, until browning.
Throw in cubed beef, and cook until it changes colour.
Sprinkle over it some plain flour, and stir this in. Add pepper and salt.
Now add a layer of cleaned carrot pieces and a top layer of trimmed and washed Brussels’ sprouts.
Pour in stock, made with tea and a stock cube, to almost cover the contents.
Depending on the type of beef used (shin or chuck, say) cook slowly on top of the stove (or in the oven) for an hour for chuck, or two hours for tastier and cheaper shin. Keep an eye on the liquid level.
You might like to add a chilli or half of one.