Sunday, May 04, 2014


A boar, who slept on his back with his legs in the air, having been bought by a farmer for a great sum, had failed dismally at his job and was to be sold at a considerable loss to be turned into sausages. He had to escape if possible.
            On the other side of the Downs a sow, who slept with limbs outstretched like a dog, had also been bought for a lot of money. She had not provided the farmer with a single litter and was to go the slaughterhouse to be turned into legs of pork and chops. She, too, had to escape.
            Both sow and boar managed it. And they ran.
            The boar, on his escape route, saw a couple of male acrobats disporting themselves on Downland turf. He watched and thought to himself that he could learn from their antics and become fertile with his newly-found knowledge.
            The sow, also escaping on downland, saw a couple of lady acrobats cavorting on the sloping grass. She, also, thought that she might learn to become fertile by watching them.
            A nasty storm of black clouds, combined with heavy rain, covered the Downland hills.
            When the storm passed and visibility was clear once more, the pigs found themselves together.
            They fell in love and produced some fine piglets.

Dreams are sometimes quite charming..

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